Elliott’s Arrival – 11/4/11



  • Born 11-4-11
  • 8:12 p.m.
  • 6lbs, 14oz
  • 17.5 inches

He was supposed to arrive today via scheduled C-section: no surprises, no drama (outside of the expected.) As often with babies, it didn’t quite go that way!

We went for our appointment Friday morning. We were going to learn all about the C-section, which we did, and just get one last check up. Then we would enjoy a last childless weekend. Today I was going to have a sensible breakfast before I was cut off from food AND water until a 4pm surgery.

Well, an impromptu check of fluid revealed that it might be a little low. We had to go to the other building to get a better check, and they sent us back to the office to meet with the doctor and talk about delivering that day. It was a little overwhelming, a little scary and disappointing and exciting all at the same time. I had eaten two Chips Ahoy and had a glass of water, and no chance for anything else! Surgery was going to be at 5:30.

We went home, got packed, dropped off the dogs, then headed to the hospital. We were kind of somewhere between a scheduled C and an unscheduled C, so we weren’t in the same area we would have gone to today, but we also weren’t urgent patients. (The low fluid is a concern but was not a big emergency.) We went to the labor & delivery area instead, and we were put into a labor room to get a baby monitor, get IV fluids, answer health questions for paperwork, etc.

Just as it was about time to go, two emergency C-sections had to be done. We were pushed back and pushed back again. We found out that my doctor had to go as our surgery time was becoming more indefinite and she was not on call. So I got a little disappointed and also started to hit whiney mode. (SO HUNGRY!) But finally, my nurse came in and said LET’S GO — they wanted to get me in before someone else needed to get in the O.R. before us.

Walking into your own operating room is strange! You just walk over and sit down on an operating table and get ready for the shot. (No epidural, but instead a spinal block which lasts a certain amount of time. I was only numb from chest down or so. Doctor thing was no big deal at the time — too much adrenaline to care, and there’s a curtain up anyway… everyone else was a stranger, too. Mike could be there the whole time, and played the special role of being there for the baby as soon as he comes out. He held him for most of the surgery, once they got all his checks performed. Right before I got moved off the table, they handed the baby to me to meet and hold. Then we both got rolled back to the room.

Afterward we went back to the labor room for a bit of bonding time and once he and I were deemed stable, we got moved to our post-partum room where we would stay. The hospital stay was pretty easy, although I was pretty uncomfortable for most of it. The morphine (or something) made me itchy for almost two days, and I just felt kind of gross. The nurses we had were great (one day, one night) but they were also pretty hands off at our hospital. When mine and the baby’s doctors told us we could go home Sunday night, we started to think it sounded pretty nice.

Elliott’s checks were all GREAT, he’s a very healthy baby! We’re thrilled and feel so lucky that he’s so great — especially being taken a little bit early. Everyone in the O.R. said “He’s a really cute baby!” Even though I’m sure they say that to everyone, we think it’s true.

Even though we were supposed to meet today, he’s already here — sitting with me while I write about his arrival. Four days old already. Yep, it’s going pretty fast!

4 thoughts on “Elliott’s Arrival – 11/4/11

  1. I just cried. LOVE the story, ours was nearly identical. Welcome to the world Elliott. How very exciting. Wish you were closer! XOXO

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